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The djinn definition from wikipedia: Some of these spirits were, according to the pre-Islamic legend, the Muses of poets. "

Creator Caroline Istas : The word "Djinn" is easy to pronounce in all languages, but also to understand. This was very important whilst living abroad. I love the fact that it inspires artists.  

"Miss Djinn” is the creation that accompanies me on my travels and inspires me everyday. She makes life a bit more fun, a bit more special and sometimes a bit more naughty. She is simple, loyal, can be philosophical or funny. And gives to Djinn a dreamy touch.

It all started from the passion of printing and being so messy. I often have large bags and I never found anything in it. Now I have a few pouches in a bag and changing handbag is much faster and easier without forgetting half of my stuff.

Djinn is for all girls and woman: school girls, chic rebels, mummies, hippies, urban nomads, travelers, adventurous chicks, working girls, ...